Friday, January 11, 2019

Recap of 2018!

Wow! it is already 2019 is that not crazy!! I feel like these years are just flying by!
Here are some highlights of 2018 for us The Landrum's!
Hunter turned 6!!!

Had a Mario party!

The twins turned 1 month!!

And we played a lot of basketball!

And x-box... haha

And of course Brinley just got cuter!

Brinley of course is just CUTE!! haha

I turned 26!!!

And Hunter slept like a baby!

We got a cat! His name was Tom he stayed around for like 2 or 3 weeks than ran off..... We don't have good luck with cats around here.... :(

Of course watched the babies we love so much!

Brinley's first SNOW!

Daddy sent selfies from work!

A lot of fort/ camping out in the living rom!
Hand holding with my almost 2 year year old first of April.

I'm sure ill never get tis picture again!

Play outside!!

Brinley turned TWO!!!

Went shopping with the boys!!


Finished up his Kindergarten year!!

Golf playing!

Saw Kevin Hart again! So much fun!

Celebrated Mother's Day

And tried on Bike Helmets! haha

Got an awesome hair cut!

Went out to eat with Nana!

Played in the water outside!
Celebrated 2 friends getting married!

Took the kid to their first Drive in!

Went to the Lake for my brother's 30th birthday!

Had a date night!

got together with the Berry girls!
Celebrated Cody turning 28!

Took an amazing Beach vacation!!

Took the kids the Zoo!

And water park!

Hunter started First Grade!!!

We got another cat... came in Kelsey's car.. and disappeared after about 2 or 3 weeks :((

Brinley got her first hair cut!
Took selfies with my girl!

She is just precious!

Hunter was being a boy and played in the mud!

Went for lunch with the berry girls

Hunter went through a phase where he wanted to wear a sweat band to school.... shaking my head here.. haha

Had a great cook out with some family :)

Had family pictures taken!

Carved pumpkins!

Went to a free Toyota concert!

Pumpkin patch!

Saw Kelsey at work!!
Still twin sitting!

Took the kids to see The new grinch movie!

And I guess the kids slept good :)
ALOT of Christmas in December!!! :))


Shew 2018 complete! Bring it on 2019 we are ready for ya! :)
Hope you guys have a great day!