Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorite's

It's FINALLY Friday!
Guys this has been a long week... only like 3 weeks and it's finals week which normally I would be freaking out over tests but not now all I can think about is the BREAK I get! That's all I want at this point is a long break to just relax and spend some good time with family!
So I have 2 math assignments, 1 math final, 1 muscle/nerves test, nervous system lecture test, and a re-take test that stands between me and my break! I CAN DO THIS!
So today I am finally back and joining a few of my favorite bloggers to share some Friday Favorites with you!
So all of my past Friday favorites have been products that I have liked, or own myself. Since Christmas is like what seems to be a month away I am going to share some things I have in my AMAZON cart right now for women!
Of course I have about 50 or so items in my saved for later cart but who is counting? hehe
Oh AND all of these items are PRIME which means free shipping and free returns! Can you ask for anything more??
So I came across this amazon tunic from a blogger I follow on Instagram It's only $21.99! And come in a lot of other colors!!
I have not bought this but ya know it's one of those things someone tells you might be life changing and you just go add it to your cart right away!
So this next one I can't seem to figure out how to save the picture.. ugh
But it's this cute Fuzzy Fleece pullover just clink on the link it comes in many different colors and only $21.99!!
How cute is this tee? only $15.99!! She has it paired with jeans but could also be cute with some leggings and boots for a simple put together errand outfit!
I have heard ALOT of bloggers rave about this oil for hair! Prevents breakage and gives you a super shiny coat for your hair! I wanna try this stuff out!!
So I think this is finally when I can admit I have gotten OLD!!!!
I have sheets in my amazon cart! GUYS SHEETS!
But I have heard some awesome reviews on these things!!
They are an amazon choice! and only $29.70 for KING sheets! I am ALL in! :))
I also have like 4 books in the cart too... but while in school I will never get to read those books so give me all the clothes, hair oil and sheets! :)
I also have a bunch of things for my kids but that will be another post! :)
Happy Friday Y'all!
We are officially kicking off the thanksgiving season with our first dinner this weekend and of course kids are DYING to put all the Christmas things out so Sunday you can find me putting out ALL the Christmas things! :)

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