Monday, September 17, 2018

Meme Monday

Fall is here!!
Happy Monday Friends!
Look at how cute Brinley is with her Best Friends Ruby and Georgia!! :)
p.s.... Yes Brinley's shoes are on the wrong feet!! haha not a fight I was going to fight that day!
Meme Monday!
Guys I live for meme these days they are so FUNNY!
So here is a few I found online this morning!
This will be me this Thursday during my math exam! AHHH

Can I get a Amen?? I mean these kids can find me anywhere!!!

I mean who's kids really eat all of their food?!?


Hobbies what hobbies??
hahahaha Husband's sleep wayyy better than anyone else!

More like 5minutes later the batman voice comes out!!

oh Monday Monday Monday......

Halleluiah!!!! Favorite season by far!!!
Hope these put a smile on your face on this Monday morning!! :))

Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites #14

Friday Favorites edition today is all PICTURES!
Linking up with the Friday and Favorites girls!
Erika, Narci, and Andrea!
Here is to catching you guys up since July, if you make it to the bottom... High Five!
It's a bunch of pictures!!! :)
We have been SOOO busy around here! I am in the full swing of putting myself through school, so this semester I am taking 2 classes and working part time and ya know doing the whole mom thing. So wish me luck by Christmas I still have a brain! :)
First up my sweet boy started 1st grade on Aug 9th! And so far so good! loves his teacher and loves seeing all his friends everyday! Today he is going to start cross country! He is so excited!!

Quick photo session we do every year with my best friend Jill.
And first day of school pictures!

Of course Binley had to jump in for a few! :)
Here is a little rewind back in time for a bit!
This is Georgia (Jill's daughter) We have taken these pictures every year since Hunter has started pre-school.



And this year Georgia is starting Pre-school and Hunter 1st grade!
Look at how much they have grown!!
Play dates with these 2 are always fun!

Isn't she the cutest?

Of course we are still keeping these little guys once a week! They are getting so big!

And we added another family member... Stubby. Long story short he came in Kelsey's my sister in law's car one morning and now he's here!

Look at his bob tail! He is so cute!

 We are still loving Costco!

My favorite boys again!

and again! :)

This big girl got her first haircut!!!  She did great!!
Labor day weekend we had a great cookout!!
So growing up we had all of these really close friends that basically turned into family and of course now with everyone having kids is hard to get everyone together but it was so much fun getting all the kids together!

The gang missing Lacey!

I love Hay and Bay!

Harper is the cutest!!

Most of the gang!

My big boy wearing his sweatband he thinks is so cool to school. :)
Sometimes you just pick your battles... and this was a battle I was not going to win.
So it is what it is!
Happy Friday and Happy WEEKEND!!