Wednesday, May 16, 2018

HUGE recap!

Guy's it has been 15 days since I last blogged!! :((
But in these past 15 days my biggest accomplishment was finishing up my 3 college classes I was taking! So I am OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!! WOO!!
Also got 2B's and an A so super excited!!!!
But other than go through day by day of what we have been up too.. here is about 40 pictures to catch you up on life with the Landrum's!
Thanks for stopping by!

Me and Brinley went walking and watched the twins as Kels went and got us on subway on a beautiful morning!

Eating popsicles in the garage!
 I made Cody clean out his closet! haha

Pictures with my Dad and Step mom on my Dad's Birthday!

Me and Cody at Dad's Party!
My favorite Twin boys!

Brinley holding Wyatt!

Played the with Berry girls!

Georgia put a helmet on Brin's head!

Hunter's School had a end of the year party at DQ!

He had a blast!
My big boy!

How CUTE are these boys??

Someone was waiting her turn in the chair...

And she got it! :)

Off to Another t-ball game!

Mother' Day 2018!

Mom and Brinley!
Mother's Day 2018!

Tyler and Kelsey!

Kelsey and I

My Babies!

Aunt Mariah and Hunter

Aunt Kelsey and Hunter

Brinley Lou!

Sweet Siblings!

Hunter started a rock collection..

One rotten girl..

Sweet Wyatt this morning!
Well that's it!! All of my pictures for the last 2 weeks!!
Happy Wednesday friends!!


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