Monday, April 9, 2018


Our sweet Brinley Lou is TWO!
We had a big Troll Party this past weekend!
Brinley is our wild child for sure!
She has never meet a stranger!
She is such a happy girl!

Went SUPER easy this year and ordered her cupcake cake and small 8 inch cake from wal mart and I was truly impressed! Everything tasted amazing!

Since we did the party at 2pm. I did cupcakes and an Ice cream bar! You choose your ice cream flavor then you could add all the toppings on top! We had everything from Oreos, to nuts, to moose tracks and bananas! It was so much fun! I picked up some waffle bowels and they were definitely a HIT!
I scored all the trolls decorations at Target and Wal Mart!

The Birthday Girl chair!

She is sweet.
She is kind.
She is funny.
and she is LOVED!
The aftermath of all the presents!!!
She got a lot of poppy toys, IPAD, clothes, coloring books, bubbles, sunglasses and so much more!
I could not thank everyone enough for all the goodies!
After the party me and Brin was playing with the lipstick Aunt K got her!
Take a look at these super cute pictures of my girl..
Just moments after she was born.
9 months.
3 months.

1 day old.
Nine Months old.

Six months old.

five months old.

Six months old.
15 months old.
12 months old.
14 months old.
Pure excitement on this face.
24 months old.