Monday, April 16, 2018

Life latey..

Guys... this homework is insane!!
I am at the almost at the end of the semester like 3 more weeks and I will be FREE for the summer!!
But currently I feel like this..
Oh for sure this one...

I did a post a few weeks about college. I knew it was going to be hard juggling homework, work, and being a mom duties! But shew this semester taking 3 classes I have definitely put myself to the test! I know I can do this I will not STOP!!
but last week I think I posted once so here are some random pictures of what we have been up to lately!!
First off these things are so good!!
And they have different flavors! Only 130 calories with the toppings that is included!
Look at this precious girl!!! She got this stuffed animal from one of my friends Mikayla for her birthday and she loved it!

We had the TWINS this Wednesday of course!

I mean look at how cute!!

We love the other twin Aunt Mariah!

My mom got the new Samsung galaxy 9 and look at this picture quality!!!


Friday it was SOOO PRETTY here! very windy but in the 80's so we headed right outside after getting home from work and school!

This was mid fall... I told Brinley is smile and she was smiling alright!

Oh boy this was Saturday... she is two. that's all I really need to say.
I did host a Arbonne party this weekend at my house it was so much fun and I got some awesome things!! Should be here by tomorrow or Wednesday so I will definitely be sharing them!
and how can I not forget today is the Carr TWINS birthday!
My Sister in law Kelsey and her twin sister Mariah!
Happy Birthday girls!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!
We love our Kelsey!

Mariah on left, Kelsey on right.

Kelsey, myself, and Hunter

Kelsey, Me, and baby Brinley :)

Have a good week everyone!!!

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