Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorite's #13!

HAPPY Friday Friends!!!
It's time for a quick Friday Favorite's!
Linking up with the best, Erika, Narci, and Andrea to bring ya some random favorites this week!!
GUYS this is called a yumbox and its AMAZING!
I have never been so excited to get this in the mail!
So I have followed Andrea at for a while and she has one of these for each of her kids and she had me SOLD!
Ordered this on Amazon prime for $29.00. And we have used it all week and its so easy to pack lunches in the morning! And it will actually save money with not having to buy the zip lock bags all the time for chips, apples, or whatever!
It is all air lock tight so i can even put yogurt in one spot and it will not spill cause the lid is sealed! No spills and no mess!
Of course this bathing suit that I raved about on Wednesday is still a favorite! I cant wait to wear it on vacation this July at the BEACH!
Click on the link and there is 1 other color option!
Of course ARBONNE is a favorite still! Check out my post from yesterday of me raving all about it!

Have you tried this Wet brush yet? Brinley my daughters hair is starting to get longer and thicker and after bath time her hair is starting to still be tangled so this brush has been GREAT! does not hurt getting the tangles out and just slides down! highly recommend this brush!
Anyone every order from this site? Cause I know I have looked at it before but never ordered I got on today and went crazy! I have like 4 different dresses in my cart for Brinley!! But I am obsessed!!! Look at how cute this 4th of July dress would be for only $14.99!!!!

Definitely will be placing my order soon so I will update on quality of clothes!!
Well hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We got T-ball and I have to dissect a pig for one of my classes. forreal not joking!!!!
Should be a fun weekend!!


  1. I adore those kids clothes. So cute. Especially the 4th of July outfit. I would have loved the yum box when my girls still brought lunch pails to daycare. I love my wet brush. My girls even have mini ones.