Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favorites #12!

Hey Friends! I told ya I would be MIA this week! Hunter has been out all week for spring break and I have been swamped in homework and work and playing with the kids! So here is a quick Friday Favorites for ya and next week I will try to get back on track with my regular blog days! :)
EASTER DAY! I mean look at how cute my little people were????

Brinley looking up at Big Brother! :) My favorite!!

My sweet kiddos!!
Hunter got these water beads in his Easter Basket this year and they were a HUGE hit!
Click this link and it will direct you to amazon where I purchased the beads!

Myself and Cody were even playing!!
So it was Brinley's bath night and guess who snuck in...with their clothes on?? He thought it was the best thing ever!

Brinley's last night as a ONE year old!!!
On Monday I got my hair done finally and guys LOOK AT THIS HAIR!
This was my 2nd time ever getting a color on my hair and I'm hooked!
I got like 5 inches cut off and it feels so much more healthy and alive!
But let me brag on the girl that made this happen.
Her name is Katherine Chumley
She works are a Salon called: The Colonial House of Beauty
Located in Georgetown Ky.
1-502-863-6789 call now and BOOK HER!
I'm going to Link her Instagram page so you can see all her before and after post
Click HERE to see her Instagram.

If only she could live with me and curl my hair like this everyday I would be set.
By the way these curls lasted me almost 3 DAYS! Added some dry shampoo and texture spray and I was good to go! :)
April 5, 2018
My sweet baby turned TWO!!!!!!!!

This is her "Mom open up my M&M's its 7:30 and its my BIRTHDAY!" kinda face.

We are having her TROLLS party this weekend but had some cupcakes Thursday night!

And here is my BIG six year old baby!
Well y'all that was a lot of pictures in a week with us! :)
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and ill be back next week!!!


  1. Those water beads look SO cool! I think my toddlers would just love them. I might just have to order...

    Also, how gorgeous is your hair?! Love! I have yet to find a great stylist lately to fix my boring locks.

  2. Thank you soo much!! and I Definitely recommend the beads kept mine busy for a good 30 minutes!! :)

  3. Your hair looks great. Happy birthday to your little one.