Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorite's #13!

HAPPY Friday Friends!!!
It's time for a quick Friday Favorite's!
Linking up with the best, Erika, Narci, and Andrea to bring ya some random favorites this week!!
GUYS this is called a yumbox and its AMAZING!
I have never been so excited to get this in the mail!
So I have followed Andrea at for a while and she has one of these for each of her kids and she had me SOLD!
Ordered this on Amazon prime for $29.00. And we have used it all week and its so easy to pack lunches in the morning! And it will actually save money with not having to buy the zip lock bags all the time for chips, apples, or whatever!
It is all air lock tight so i can even put yogurt in one spot and it will not spill cause the lid is sealed! No spills and no mess!
Of course this bathing suit that I raved about on Wednesday is still a favorite! I cant wait to wear it on vacation this July at the BEACH!
Click on the link and there is 1 other color option!
Of course ARBONNE is a favorite still! Check out my post from yesterday of me raving all about it!

Have you tried this Wet brush yet? Brinley my daughters hair is starting to get longer and thicker and after bath time her hair is starting to still be tangled so this brush has been GREAT! does not hurt getting the tangles out and just slides down! highly recommend this brush!
Anyone every order from this site? Cause I know I have looked at it before but never ordered I got on today and went crazy! I have like 4 different dresses in my cart for Brinley!! But I am obsessed!!! Look at how cute this 4th of July dress would be for only $14.99!!!!

Definitely will be placing my order soon so I will update on quality of clothes!!
Well hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We got T-ball and I have to dissect a pig for one of my classes. forreal not joking!!!!
Should be a fun weekend!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Ok guys so today we are talking about something that I recently have FALLEN in love with.
So I was first introduced to these products last year and I tried a few things kind of dusted it off and never really looked back. You guys know that everyone is selling STUFF now. There are so many little companies that have the nutrition or skin care products and you just never know what you are getting or if it will even WORK!
So a little back ground info about the brand Arbonne.
Took this right off the website

Arbonne transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.

For over 35 years, this has been the hallmark of our product integrity. From the beginning, Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of nature with leading science. Our mission is to always improve and evaluate our ingredient policy as an ever-evolving standard of excellence. This means we continuously challenge ourselves to do better and better.

Found all of these on Pintrest! :)

I mean I can not even really go into huge detail of all the products just cause I have not tried everything! But I am in LOVE with what I have and have a HUGE wish list of things I still want!
But back story on how I got HOOKED...

So I was invited to an Arbonne party end of February and me and a friend went and it was all about nutrition and skin care. It was so much FUN! I ordered two products from that party. The Calm cleanser and moisturizer. I started using both of them and really after 2 weeks I could ACTUALLY tell a difference. seriously.
So fast forward a few weeks and I went to another Arbonne party. This one was all geared towards Make up and facials.
at this party I FELL in love with the make up.
I had tried the CC cream before and loved it! So I tried the full coverage foundation and all the blush, eye shadows and everything!
At this party I ordered the Calm serum and Calm eye roller and foundation.
This is my full Calm skincare line that I have!
So at that party I booked my own party!
At my party I also did the make up and facials and it went so GOOD!
So if you host a party and your party total is so much then you get ALOT of product at a HUGE discount! So my party reached the limit to where I could get $375 worth of products for ONLY $90!! I was in heaven!!!
I ordered:
CC Cream
2 eye shadows
Brush set has like 6 or 7 brushes and a brush holder pouch
Powder foundation
Foundation brush
the whole BABY set, lotion, body wash and shampoo, Diaper rash cream, Sunscreen
shew I think that its.
I also got a FREE gift the detox scrub!! Which I raved about yesterday!
But I am head over heels with these products!!
Huge shout out to Lou Ann Garrison for selling and informing me all about these products!
So here are some things on my wish list...
THEY JUST RELEASED this RE9 Prep work geared for 20-30's year old women to get our skin prepared for the full anti aging kit!
I have tried this whole set on Tuesday night and LOVED it! The eye pads are amazing!!
This is shampoo! I also want to try the conditioner!!
Body Wash!
And I really want to try the whole Nutrition line! I have sampled a few things and have liked it so far so next party I may dive into more nutrition ordering!!
Fizz Sticks
Protein Power
These Mind Health drink packets!
Kacey if your reading this...
Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm obsessed with Arbonne.
I have finished my first step and admitted my problem. haha :)
If interested in ordering any products please comment or message me and I can help ya out! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday?

Soo... I have been MIA again.. :( Here is my life..
Homework, kids, cooking, laundry, Repeat! haha I am ALMOST at the end of the semester I see a light at the end of this tunnel for sure!!
But this post is PERFECT for catching up with us!
So What's Up Wednesday people?
Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel
I will go though and answer all of these questions!
Hope ya make it to the end! :)
What we're eating this week?
Monday we ate Chicken Alfredo, Last night ate hamburgers, and tonight is Steak our family favorite!
I did however make a lot of cookies this week. Sunday I made some chocolate chip cookies from a bag dough. Monday I made some home made chocolate chip cookies that were delish! And my sister in law Kelsey told me about these protein energy balls so I made them too!
It's all about balance right? A little bit of non healthy with a little bit of healthy? haha
What I'm reminiscing about?
This sweet girls second birthday!! How is she already 2?!!?
What I'm loving?

These PRODUCTS are everything guys!!
So I mentioned in a post a while back I would do a full review about these Arbonne products and I still plan on doing that. So here is just a quick review as to why I these specific products!
1. Detox scrub- This was my FREE gift. This stuff is valued at $50.00 and I got it completely free cause I am a preferred customer and spent the limit to receive a FREE gift. Just blows my mind. I know its awesome. But anyway this stuff is amazing!! I have used it twice so far all over my body and it leaves you feeling so soft! The smell is mild and just smells clean to me. This is how the website describes it:
Reveal something beautiful. Gently slough away dry, dead surface skin cells and impurities and cleanse pores of excess oil to reveal radiant, brighter-looking skin. Contains coriander seed oil and avocado oil to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Just amazing in a jar would be good enough for me.
2. This is the Calm skincare line. This is great for sensitive skin. I have very dry and red prone skin and this has really helped! I usually try skin care products for a few weeks if I see nothing changed I pitch them and onto the next one. But within 2 weeks I really could tell a difference! I use all four products together and they are GREAT!
I am becoming obsessed with this whole company they have skincare, make up, bath and body, and a huge nutrition line!! Don't even get me started on the make up! shew. LOVE! But I will talk about that maybe Thursday.. if I am on my blog game and get to writing. haha
What we've been up too?
A lot of snuggles around here lately..
In the mornings we hate to take Hunter to school.. :(

We LOVE some pretty weather!


Is this not the cutest thing??
of course TWIN cuddles!

Look at how sweet these boys are together!

Birthday party this past weekend!

Hunter and his best bud Caleb!

They are so CUTE!
 What I'm dreading?
Finals week. Somewhat dreading studying for it, but excited to have this semester coming to an end!
What I'm working on?
do I need to say more?
I'm sure you tried of me talking about homework at this point. :)
What I'm excited about?
BEACH TRIP coming up in 3 months!!!!
What I'm watching/reading?
Watching: A little bit of everything. I started Black List on Netflix and it has started off so good! of course still watching my regular shows!!
Reading: What She knew: I have been reading this book for what seems like a year and it is good I just can't find enough time to finish it! So I cheated and read the last chapter last night I still however may finish it, I just have so many other books I want to dive into! Anyone else do this?
What I'm listening to?
Well here recently my husband and I found out we get FREE music on this amazon prime music app. So we both have an amazon prime account. Don't ask why we really do need to cancel one of them. But it doesn't have every song but it has SO many good ones! You can download them to your phone and have them forever? I believe. my FAVORITE song as of now is..
Tequila- Dan and Shay.
What I'm wearing?
Oh ya know my usual. Leggings, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes. Past 2 days it has been pouring the rain! So I don't even attempt to fix the hair!
I however have my eye on a few dresses I would like for the beach! And I ordered a great bathing suit from AMAZON! Yes amazon. Never have I ordered a bath suit online but I love it!
This is the cute bathing suit I ordered for only $26.99! That's for top and bottom! and FREE shipping!!
Here is the link to the bathing suit!
The brand is Cupshe. The bottoms are the high waisted which I have never tried before but I really do like them!!
What I'm doing this weekend?
Saturday Hunter has hid first T-ball game!! GO CUBS!!
What I'm looking forward to next month?
A lot of T-ball! And all of Hunter's end of year activities Field Day, Awards day, and of course no more school!! Hunter will be thrilled to be out for the summer!!
Nothing else is new here!
Happy Wednesday friends! I love reading these posts about other people and hope you enjoyed and got caught up with life with the Landrum's here!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Life latey..

Guys... this homework is insane!!
I am at the almost at the end of the semester like 3 more weeks and I will be FREE for the summer!!
But currently I feel like this..
Oh for sure this one...

I did a post a few weeks about college. I knew it was going to be hard juggling homework, work, and being a mom duties! But shew this semester taking 3 classes I have definitely put myself to the test! I know I can do this I will not STOP!!
but last week I think I posted once so here are some random pictures of what we have been up to lately!!
First off these things are so good!!
And they have different flavors! Only 130 calories with the toppings that is included!
Look at this precious girl!!! She got this stuffed animal from one of my friends Mikayla for her birthday and she loved it!

We had the TWINS this Wednesday of course!

I mean look at how cute!!

We love the other twin Aunt Mariah!

My mom got the new Samsung galaxy 9 and look at this picture quality!!!


Friday it was SOOO PRETTY here! very windy but in the 80's so we headed right outside after getting home from work and school!

This was mid fall... I told Brinley is smile and she was smiling alright!

Oh boy this was Saturday... she is two. that's all I really need to say.
I did host a Arbonne party this weekend at my house it was so much fun and I got some awesome things!! Should be here by tomorrow or Wednesday so I will definitely be sharing them!
and how can I not forget today is the Carr TWINS birthday!
My Sister in law Kelsey and her twin sister Mariah!
Happy Birthday girls!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!
We love our Kelsey!

Mariah on left, Kelsey on right.

Kelsey, myself, and Hunter

Kelsey, Me, and baby Brinley :)

Have a good week everyone!!!