Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Wow. What a book. What a movie.

So I read this book back in January and loved it. We recently watched the movie as a family a few weeks ago and it was so GOOD.
In my book review I talked about what the book was about.
This is definitely a book for young readers. It is told in many different people's views as well as August (Auggie) the main character's. A 10 year old boy who seems very normal but also has some  facial anomalies. He has been homeschooled his whole life and just starts 5th grade in a public school.
It tells the MANY challenges that he faces.
Reading the book just brought so many emotions, and of course watching the movie it brought all the emotions again. It's one of those feel good movies you are crying all the happy tears.
My 6 year old Hunter loved the movie, asked a few questions along the way but I was glad he enjoyed it.
Just writing this to suggest everyone to take time and watch the movie or read the book. Like I said it's definitely a book for young readers 5th grade and up I'm sure would definitely enjoy it.
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Here are some quote's from the Book/Movie..


So CHOOSE KIND in this world.

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