Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Three Things....

Hey Friends!
 So today I'm going to do another THREE THINGS post!
In these posts I post three things about each little person in the family... just random facts!
Brinley Lou..
1. This sweet girl will be 2 in two weeks!! I can't believe it! She is all over Trolls right now so we are planning a Poppy party!!
2. We are going to start potty training soon! Please pray for me! She is one sassy girl so I'm sure she will give me a run for my money! 
3. Brinley has really taken over the IPad she's obsessed with kids you tube! So we definitely have to take it away sometimes! But since we only have 1 this girl is getting her own for her birthday! She will be so excited!
Hunter Lee
1. This boy is really coming out of his shell! He is SO FUNNY! Just the things he comes up with is off the wall!
Example: Tucking him into the bed the other week and I always lay out his clothes before bed for school the next day, I laid out sweat pants and t-shirt and a pair of socks. He then looks at me and says "Is tomorrow gym day?" I said yes its Tuesday you have gym. He pulled up his PJ pants and said mom are you dumb these are not my fast socks and those are not either! I NEED my fast socks for gym day so I can past up people." Who knew ya had to wear these tall green socks on gym day!!
2 Hunter just started to take on some kind of obsession with working out, and flexing his muscles...I mean ALL boy! hints the picture above he's all the time asking if I can see his muscles and take pictures of him flexing them!
3. Hunter only has a few more months left of Kindergarten and he is doing so good! He has improved SO much after Christmas beak!
We are so proud him!
Love my little people so much!!!
Happy Wednesday Friends! We got yet another SNOW DAY here!!


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