Monday, March 12, 2018

Friday Favorites.. Monday edition #9 :)

Friday Favorite's.. Monday edition.. :)
Linking up with the same ladies I usually always do! :)
I am OBSESSED with these Ugg slipper. Guys these are everything!!
Go grab you a pair NOW! The soles on the bottom are perfect for outside wear.. I even wore them to drop Hunter off at school on Friday!
I bought mine from Amazon, but I know they are all over the internet!
I also know a little girl that steals them anytime I'm not wearing mine!!



Did you guys see my post on Wednesday about Wonder? I love love this movie and book!!

LOVE this quote I found on Pinterest. :)
Sometimes you just need that reminder to take care of yourself sometimes..

Do I need to say at more? LOOK at this sweet boy. Me and Brinley got to keep these boys this week and they were all smiles for Aunt Steph and cousin Brinley! :)

Look at how big this girl is getting?? She will be TWO next month....

And that's it for our basketball season! Go LAKERS! Hunter improved so much from last year and he's so into it this year! Next up is T-Ball...
#4 is my favorite.

My Sister in law Kelsey Fryman has started a blog!!
You got to go check it out!!
We will soon start some link ups together so please follow along with the both of us! :)

My sweet sweet babies will always be my favorite!
We got a snow day here! :) Yes March 12th snow day! Is that not crazy!!
Happy Monday Friends!