Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites #8 In my cart edition...

Friday Favorites
In my cart edition..
So taking this Friday Favorites a little different route.. I am going to be listing some things I have had in my cart at various stores!
You know those items that I need just haven't made the pledge to buy, or things that I have been wanting just still talking myself into the fact that I need them...
totally me...

Never seems to work like this.. he always see the evidence!!
So my first item would be these car seat protector for your car.
I really need to start using these. You know all the suckers, gold fish crumbs, and milk stains in the back of your car? This thing HELPS! I know they will be better for my car and I love that it has that nice pocket in the front for wipes, toys, snacks or whatever I need to stash in there. :)
Next thing is these amazing UGG slippers that I have seen all over the blog world that I just need need need...
They come in about 10 different colors but these dark purpleish color is the cheapest and I'm thinking cheapest will be the best. I mean hello the still have the most perfect sole and the heavenly goodness fur on the inside. These babies will be mine soon.

These Sheets

So I'm not one to spend an arm and a leg on bedding so I have heard a lot of good things about these sheets. I mean HELLO only $29.70! and they have almost 5 stars!! And they come in all these different colors!! Read the reviews they speak for themselves.

Do these not scream Spring?? This light wash and cute frayed hem would be so cute with booties, sneakers, and scandals. I have also NEVER been one to spend a lot of money on jeans. But I really think it's time to spend some money on a good pair of jeans. I feel like jeans are a staple in your wardrobe.

Here is another pair of jeans..
These are the Rockstar Mid rise
I have seen and heard a lot about these jeans as well. And at $35.00 they stand at a good price point. I have a pair of Rock star high rise from Old Navy and love them! But I would love to try out the mid rise.

This JACKET! I have been in the market for a new light weight jacket for awhile and I am really excited about this one. It comes in many different colors and is perfect or SPRING!
So there are a few items that are "In my cart" at the moment. :)
Once I take the plunge and submit my orders I will let ya know how the items work out for me! :)
If ya have any of these items comment below and give me your review!
Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

Oh and of course these are my all time FAVORITES.... my sweet babies.


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