Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites #11

Hey Friends! So here is one hot mess of a favorites list! Nothing is numbered it's all just out there! It's Thursday night at 10:30 and I just did as much homework as my brain can handle and I needed a break!
Happy Good Friday hope each one of you has a WONDERFUL EASTER! 
Look at how cute my Brinley girl is!!
And look at her choice of shoes.. big brothers snow boots!

Brinley decided to eat a popsicle at 8:30 in the morning one day this week.. #momlife
Whatever makes this little girl happy you do. She's got a sassy side.. 

Picked up this boy from school one day this week and he said Hey mom take our picture! :) So of course I did... I know a day will come when he won't ever say those words!

GUYS look at my sweet nephews!!!!
Can't you tell they love to come to aunt Steph's house?

Sweet Wyatt.

Cutie Carrson.
So we got like 6 inches of snow this past weekend on Saturday so of course I had to cancel my hair appointment. Such a bummer. But I did however start this new Netflix show called Seven Seconds. I just finished season one yesterday it has ten episodes and keeps you hooked from the beginning. It's a good quick show to watch if looking for something new to watch! Now sure if a season two is in the works or not!
More on this sometime next week but... I have went to two different parties in the past 2 months and ordered more products and just falling in love with this line! I will give a full review on the products I have next week AND I'm having my own party in 2 weeks so I'm super excited!!
Check out my post form Wednesday on Easter Basket ideas!! I had a whole list of some great and affordable ideas if ya need a last minute thing for your basket's!


Homework...... ughh
The homework is really catching up with me these past few weeks so I may be MIA next week as I am catching up! I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER BREAK!!!
As of now I have a quiz for three chapters and 5 labs due for BIO by April 8th.
Unit 3 Math Exam due by Sunday
Sometime I have a PSY paper due... possibly early April... should probably check on that....
But anyway you get the hint I'm SWAMPED in this stuff!!
But I can do it...
Oh something to be excited about hair appointment on Monday and t-ball practice starts!! Cody is head coach of Hunter's team this year and I can't wait!!! First practice on Monday night!!
SUPER excited about getting to see the improvement Hunter has made since last year!
Hope you guys have a great Easter with family! 



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