Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas 2018!

It's Easter week! And I have finally gathered all my goodies that are going into my kids Easter baskets! For our kids basket's we try to get things they NEED and will use! So here's a recap on what they will be getting this year!
6 years old
I got these cute Swim trunks! We always need a new couple of pairs every year!
Old Navy
Is it an Easter basket without bubbles? Until Hunter tells me to quit buying bubbles I will always buy bubbles. haha
Hunter has been asking for a jump rope for a few weeks now, in his gym class at school they have been using them more often and he wants to get better he says!
Hunter is obsessed with wearing the tall socks an shorts especially in the spring and summer time! So this past weekend we went to Marshalls (quite possibly the BEST store ever) I mean it is always a hit and miss but when you hit you really hit! We scored three pairs of these socks in these exact colors for $1.50 EACH! This three pack is on amazon for $12.99!! The socks hold up very well and are used for many years!
Of course we throw in some candy and I also have some stickers and a book and some temporary tattoo's ( cause he loves them!) to put in as well!
Age: 2
I told ya before that Brinley loves the Ipad these days and so these are a must!! Not sure if she will keep them on but it is worth a try!
Of course she needs a new swim suit every year!
Old Navy:
Also got Brinley these cute shoes rom Old navy! I think these will be perfect for spring and summer! Easy to wash and to slip on and off!
I bought the 6 pack and will split with each kid!
Side note Brinley LOVES bubbles.. I believe for her birthday we are going to set up a bubble machine and this girl will be in heaven I'm sure!
For Brinley as well we will throw in candy, coloring books, stickers, and a stuffed animal, and also got her some socks from Marshalls!!
Here were just a few ideas nothing to break the bank but practical stuff my kids will use all year long and not just play with for a few hours then we will throw away later! I have learned throughout the years that these types of things Stockings and Easter Basket's you shouldn't spend a fortune on just a few items that they need and want is all you should do!
Happy Easter Week Friends!

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