Friday, March 16, 2018

Chatting it up with.. Steph and Kelsey

Hello friends today is the first
Chatting it up with myself and sister in law Kelsey!
and today's topic is
We all got them!!
Nobody is perfect. Nobody can be super mom! Trust me what you see on people's Instagram's or Facebook's that makes them look so "Picture Perfect" is just what you see. I bet if you walked into their house at midnight the sink is full of dishes, the laundry pile is sky high, and the kids lunch boxes are not packed and ready to go in the fridge for the morning. Of course they post pictures that make them look like they got it all figured out... but in reality no one has the picture perfect life.. and in my house what you see is what you get. It may looked "picked up" most of the time but don't open my laundry room door, or the pantry cause I don't organize them or really care what they look like!
But onto my MOM FAILS!
So I was talking to Kelsey on the phone the other night. ( My husband at this point would be like, when are you not talking to Kelsey on the phone?) haha #hesjeaous
But anyways we were talking about doing a link up cause she has just started her blog and mine is very new as well! And of course I have a million of mom fails but when it comes down to remembering all of them I just can't! haha but here is one recently..
So my son Hunter just started Kindergarten this past August. First week of school we got all paper's sent home of instructions to do and such.
 One was to pack an extra outfit in their backpacks just in case of an accident. So in AUGUST I packed a pair of shorts, t-shirt, underwear and socks. And it remained in his backpack till December. December comes around and Hunter has an accident.. So they go to get his extra clothes in his backpack..
Well Hunter wore a pair of shorts, long sleeve shirt and COWBOY BOOTS. Y'all out of all day's to have an accident  was when he wore his boots to school.
So when my mom went to pick him up from school cause I was working that day... He walked out to her in his outfit. OH plus his winter coat cause it was like 17 degrees outside! My mom calls me and said "Did you dress him like that this morning?" As she is cracking up!! This was before Hunter could explain what had happened.
So typical MOM FAIL!
Now I need to remember to change out the clothes as season's change..
Which I obviously did not learn from my mom fail cause as of now he has a pair of underwear and socks and that's it..
Guys I can't tell you how many times something like this has happened and all you can do is laugh it off and just remind yourself your doing the best you can!
Cause Kels is a new mom and definitely has some funny stories to tell!
Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. I don't call them Mom fails.... more life real life with kids. You truly never know what each day with bring your way.