Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites #11

Hey Friends! So here is one hot mess of a favorites list! Nothing is numbered it's all just out there! It's Thursday night at 10:30 and I just did as much homework as my brain can handle and I needed a break!
Happy Good Friday hope each one of you has a WONDERFUL EASTER! 
Look at how cute my Brinley girl is!!
And look at her choice of shoes.. big brothers snow boots!

Brinley decided to eat a popsicle at 8:30 in the morning one day this week.. #momlife
Whatever makes this little girl happy you do. She's got a sassy side.. 

Picked up this boy from school one day this week and he said Hey mom take our picture! :) So of course I did... I know a day will come when he won't ever say those words!

GUYS look at my sweet nephews!!!!
Can't you tell they love to come to aunt Steph's house?

Sweet Wyatt.

Cutie Carrson.
So we got like 6 inches of snow this past weekend on Saturday so of course I had to cancel my hair appointment. Such a bummer. But I did however start this new Netflix show called Seven Seconds. I just finished season one yesterday it has ten episodes and keeps you hooked from the beginning. It's a good quick show to watch if looking for something new to watch! Now sure if a season two is in the works or not!
More on this sometime next week but... I have went to two different parties in the past 2 months and ordered more products and just falling in love with this line! I will give a full review on the products I have next week AND I'm having my own party in 2 weeks so I'm super excited!!
Check out my post form Wednesday on Easter Basket ideas!! I had a whole list of some great and affordable ideas if ya need a last minute thing for your basket's!


Homework...... ughh
The homework is really catching up with me these past few weeks so I may be MIA next week as I am catching up! I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER BREAK!!!
As of now I have a quiz for three chapters and 5 labs due for BIO by April 8th.
Unit 3 Math Exam due by Sunday
Sometime I have a PSY paper due... possibly early April... should probably check on that....
But anyway you get the hint I'm SWAMPED in this stuff!!
But I can do it...
Oh something to be excited about hair appointment on Monday and t-ball practice starts!! Cody is head coach of Hunter's team this year and I can't wait!!! First practice on Monday night!!
SUPER excited about getting to see the improvement Hunter has made since last year!
Hope you guys have a great Easter with family! 



Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas 2018!

It's Easter week! And I have finally gathered all my goodies that are going into my kids Easter baskets! For our kids basket's we try to get things they NEED and will use! So here's a recap on what they will be getting this year!
6 years old
I got these cute Swim trunks! We always need a new couple of pairs every year!
Old Navy
Is it an Easter basket without bubbles? Until Hunter tells me to quit buying bubbles I will always buy bubbles. haha
Hunter has been asking for a jump rope for a few weeks now, in his gym class at school they have been using them more often and he wants to get better he says!
Hunter is obsessed with wearing the tall socks an shorts especially in the spring and summer time! So this past weekend we went to Marshalls (quite possibly the BEST store ever) I mean it is always a hit and miss but when you hit you really hit! We scored three pairs of these socks in these exact colors for $1.50 EACH! This three pack is on amazon for $12.99!! The socks hold up very well and are used for many years!
Of course we throw in some candy and I also have some stickers and a book and some temporary tattoo's ( cause he loves them!) to put in as well!
Age: 2
I told ya before that Brinley loves the Ipad these days and so these are a must!! Not sure if she will keep them on but it is worth a try!
Of course she needs a new swim suit every year!
Old Navy:
Also got Brinley these cute shoes rom Old navy! I think these will be perfect for spring and summer! Easy to wash and to slip on and off!
I bought the 6 pack and will split with each kid!
Side note Brinley LOVES bubbles.. I believe for her birthday we are going to set up a bubble machine and this girl will be in heaven I'm sure!
For Brinley as well we will throw in candy, coloring books, stickers, and a stuffed animal, and also got her some socks from Marshalls!!
Here were just a few ideas nothing to break the bank but practical stuff my kids will use all year long and not just play with for a few hours then we will throw away later! I have learned throughout the years that these types of things Stockings and Easter Basket's you shouldn't spend a fortune on just a few items that they need and want is all you should do!
Happy Easter Week Friends!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorite's #10!

Linking up with some the best bloggers as always!
So excited its finally FRIDAY! Don't know about you but I feel like this week has went by so slow!! So happy to have the weekend here! Here are some random Friday Favorite's for ya!
We finally got a "Spring" day on Monday this week and it was great to get outside and play with the kids! We did it all, swing set, bubbles, chalk, and basketball!
Look at these sweet babies! Wednesday we had a snow day and went and seen our sweet twin cousins and this is how my kids were puling into the driveway they were worn out!
THESE jeans from Old Navy are by far my favorite!! It's so hard to find a 'good' pair of jeans ya know? But these are a GOOD pair! and so affordable!
These are not the same wash I have, I have the dark wash but these are the same style and I kind of want to order these the light wash for  a spring option!
They are true to size I am normally a 4 in jeans and these fit perfect! The skinny jean is perfect for sneakers, sandals, or heels! This spring I will be getting a lot of wear out of these I know!
I have been looking for a white pair of jeans for spring and think these might be it, and look at how cute the light pink pair is!!
We get a Date night tomorrow and I could not be more excited! I LOVE my kids but sometimes a night out alone is just what you need. We are planning to go do some shopping and out to eat!
Tonight I have a Arbonne party at a friends house and I can't wait! I recently went to another one and ordered some face wash and moisturizer and so far have loved it be looking for a review on the blog soon!
Tomorrow morning I am going to get my hair done and what girl does not LOVE to go do that?? I am all about someone who will wash my hair, dry my hair, and style my hair ? sounds like a perfect morning to me! :)
Well that's it guys! Go have yourself a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Three Things....

Hey Friends!
 So today I'm going to do another THREE THINGS post!
In these posts I post three things about each little person in the family... just random facts!
Brinley Lou..
1. This sweet girl will be 2 in two weeks!! I can't believe it! She is all over Trolls right now so we are planning a Poppy party!!
2. We are going to start potty training soon! Please pray for me! She is one sassy girl so I'm sure she will give me a run for my money! 
3. Brinley has really taken over the IPad she's obsessed with kids you tube! So we definitely have to take it away sometimes! But since we only have 1 this girl is getting her own for her birthday! She will be so excited!
Hunter Lee
1. This boy is really coming out of his shell! He is SO FUNNY! Just the things he comes up with is off the wall!
Example: Tucking him into the bed the other week and I always lay out his clothes before bed for school the next day, I laid out sweat pants and t-shirt and a pair of socks. He then looks at me and says "Is tomorrow gym day?" I said yes its Tuesday you have gym. He pulled up his PJ pants and said mom are you dumb these are not my fast socks and those are not either! I NEED my fast socks for gym day so I can past up people." Who knew ya had to wear these tall green socks on gym day!!
2 Hunter just started to take on some kind of obsession with working out, and flexing his muscles...I mean ALL boy! hints the picture above he's all the time asking if I can see his muscles and take pictures of him flexing them!
3. Hunter only has a few more months left of Kindergarten and he is doing so good! He has improved SO much after Christmas beak!
We are so proud him!
Love my little people so much!!!
Happy Wednesday Friends! We got yet another SNOW DAY here!!


Monday, March 19, 2018

Last week recap..

Last week recap.. in the Landrum House... 
So I was a little MIA in the blog world and only blogged Monday and Friday last week! So today is going to be a not only a weekend recap but a WEEK recap of anything we did last week!
Monday: SNOW DAY!
We sent this picture to Cody at work.. and got this in return.

Hard working Daddy!
Then we got our snow suits on and were out the door!
This was truly Brinley's first time playing the snow and liking it! She had a BLAST!
Thanks to Nana for her snowsuit! :)

After playing outside for a bit we came inside and made some snow cream! :) #yummy

Hunter went back to school, and I went to work.. just a regular Tuesday but with a lot of snuggles before bedtime!

Me and Brinley watching This is Us, usually she is asleep by then but this night girl stayed up till 1!11:00!!
Mikayla a girl I work with showed everyone this picture to see if anyone would want to take in this sweet kitty.
So of course I texted Cody and he is allergic to cats but this cat would be strictly outside so we agreed and she brought him over on Friday!! :)
(more pics to come keep reading) :))

Wyatt on left, Carrson on left

Look at her smile. She is obsessed with her twin cousins.
Went to work.. Hunter to school.. Brinley to Papaws.
I did get a new CAR!!
A white Toyota Highlander.. Ahhh I am in LOVE!
I however don't have the first picture.. Coming soon!
Hunter was sick and had to come home early from school :(
but we did however get our KITTY!!
Cody calls him Tom.
Hunter and Brinley call him Kee Kee
So can't really tell ya what's the cat true name is.. but he is so loved.
He so far has been so good he will venture off but will always come back home. :)
Super friendly with the kids and just wants to be loved on all the time. 

Hunter was feeling much better!!
Brought up some Spring decorations an stared decorating the house for SPRING!
I am soooo over this cold weather!!
However Hunter played video games with my heels on.. haha
We had a definitely lazy day! it was so nice.
 Grocery shop, Birthday Party, clean house typical Sunday duties! :)
This was my helper at the grocery store! :)
Hunter and his friend Riley sitting at the top of the warp wall they climbed up! Hunter was so proud!
However last weekend we went to Lexington and Old Navy was having a HUGE 40% off sale off almost everything and I racked up! I'm going to link some of the things I got that day, then went online on Sunday and got the kids bathing suits for their Easter baskets and Cody some things for spring! The deal's were unbeatable!
I got this Field jacket in the army green so cute and comfy!
Also comes in a lot of different colors! The light pink would be so cute for spring!
price is $44.99 which is not bad at all for a jacket you will be able to wear all spring and again in the fall!

Got TWO of these short sleeve t-shirts dresses! They were so flattering on. Perfect length for the mom bod! I got this navy and white strips as well as the grey! These would be perfect with the field jacket and some white converse shoes! :) the outfit just screams SPRING! Oh and BEST PART they are only $12.00!! Guys  so CHEAP!
I also picked up my FAVORITE jeans ever! And only paid $25.00 for them! They are the Rockstar mid rise jeans that Old navy has. I can't find them online but they are a dark wash and some light distressing. I got the 4 and they fit perfect and I LOVE the length.
I got these for Hunter's Easter basket and they just came in and they are sooo cute! and an awesome price!
Got Brinley this one for her basket! It was on more of a sale when I purchased mine but love the 2 piece ( easy accesses for diaper changes)
I linked all of these above so just clink the links to accesses them!
Well y'all that's all for today!
Happy Monday friends!!