Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What's up Wednesday?!

Happy Wednesday friends!!
I love a good link up!
And I may or may not be really nosey and love to read everything about everybody..
So linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer to bring you
What's Up Wednesday??
Here are all the questions we answer...

What We're Eating this week..
Well my whole plan to meal prep and everything went downhill after my one good week.. so we just fix whatever we got!
Monday we had Taco's, last night was pizza, tonight will probably be chicken alfredo... as for the rest of the week your guess is good as mine. :)
What I'm reminiscing about...
 All the WARM weather!! I just want some SUNSHINE and warmth!
This was Cody's 26th birthday last year!
What I'm loving..
I'm loving all the Brinley smiles I get daily. She is such a joy to be around!
unless you take her outside to play for awhile and try to get her to come inside.. shew that's when you see the Terrible Two Brinley brake out... like for a good 30 minutes straight. But you just have to LOVE this face anyway..

What we've been up to..
We haven't done much lately... just the usual day to day things, going to work, homework for myself and Hunter. Hunter's basketball on Saturday's and a lot of family time all weekend!
What I'm dreading..
I'm not dreading anything at the moment. :)
Well maybe all the homework I have due on Sunday.. but that will just work out like it always does!
What I'm working on..
Well at this moment this very long bog post that I'm so happy you have made it this far in reading!
But I have been working on all the homework.. these are pictures I had to take on my phone so I could always have them to go back and look for reference on my homework. Our textbook is all online and I have to have some visual for me! So I have like 20 pictures of diagrams on my camera roll.. #lifeofacollegestudent

What I'm excited about..
We are heading back to Okaloosa Island!
We booked our place and we can't wait!!
Bring on the Sun. Bring on the ocean. Bring on vacation!
What I'm watching/ reading..
Well currently watching This is Us... But y'all know I got a different TV show on every night, not to mention my love for Nashville as I am trying to catch up on all the older seasons. Currently reading.. What She Knew. I have really slacked on my reading game this month so it's now a goal to finish that book by mid march!
What I'm listening too..
Baby.. why don't you just meet me in the middle?
Like literally on repeat in the car.. And Hunter loves it too. :)
What I'm wearing...
Well of course what mom don't live in leggings, t-shirts, and sneakers? Pretty much on repeat every day all day.. I may actually put some jeans on Friday when I have some errands to run.. :)
anybody else do this?
If not then I'm just posting this for a friend.. hehe
What we are doing this weekend..
Well of course Saturday morning we have another basketball game! We have enjoyed watching Hunter play this year he has really started to get into the game and make some points and guard his player! This week he plays one of his best buds Miller and it will be so FUN to watch!
What I'm looking forward to next month..
Well next week is Spring Break for my school so I will be loving all the free time I will be having away from school work!
What else is new..
Nothing else is new here! :)
Thanks for reading my What's Up Wednesday!

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  1. Your meme about re-wearing an outfit... confession: I wear the same jeans 2-3 times before washing them. Unless of course I get them messy but... I don't see any harm in using an outfit a time or two :)