Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend round up.

Well another weekend has came and gone.. but of course I have pictures to share!
 Happy Monday friends! We woke up to a snow day here! So i have one happy boy! and one
sick girl :( hoping she starts feeling better soon!
Here's our weekend in a few pictures!
 We did a target run on Friday! Yes this was taken in the bathroom :)

 Hunter got a gift card for his birthday and it was a burning a hole in his pocket so he got a few things for himself! he was so EXCITED! thanks Uncle T and Aunt K! :)
 Friday night we did a whole lot of this!

 we have to play Mario party at least once a weekend!

 Saturday we had another basketball game! #number4ismyfavorite

Well that's about it! Super Bowl game was good but the Halftime show even better! Justin rocked it! and can we talk about how many tissues everyone went through on This is Us?? I cried from the beginning to the end. That shows gives me all the feels its amazing.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. This Is Us didn't make me cry. But I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders when we finally got answers to what happened with Jack.