Thursday, February 15, 2018

Twenty Six.

Guys it's official I just entered the late twenties category. 
And by no means do i believe i am old.. but at twenty six i have ALOT to be thankful for.

I was blessed with 2 amazing parents and a step mother that have been with me through thick and thin. They have always supported and (funded haha) anything i have wanted to do and i could not thank them enough for all the support they have gave me.

I have an amazing brother and step sister that has always been by side!! 

I have a sister in law that would blow yours out of the water. We are more like best friends or sisters. 

I have the best friends anyone could ask for!
I have one that we have been best friends since kindergarten so about 20 years of friendship is along way!
Love you Jill!! :)

I have the BEST husband anyone could ask for. We have went through a lot together and brought 2 of my biggest blessing's into the world. My baby boy Hunter, and baby girl Brinley. I could not thank god enough for giving me Cody and my kids.

Family is a big part of how i am the way i am and i could not imagine life without my support system. 

So here is to another year older!


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