Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Favorite's #7

Monday Favorite's instead of Friday Favorite's?
that still works right??
Last Friday our school's had a 2 hour delay and it was so nasty outside me and Brinley did a lot of nothing!
So there will be a lot of favorite's and a weekend recap so grab ya some coffee and get to reading!
This was last Monday when it was so pretty high was like 65 and felt just like spring!
I bought these super cute Sketchers Go Walks for Brinley on Monday and they are definitely a favorite this week! They also come in a few different colors! This cute blue and hot pink with stars was the only pair in her size but they are the cutest thing ever!!

This cutie was ready to take big brother to school on Wednesday she kept walking around yelling "CHEESE". She's a hot mess 99% of the time. 

Also on Wednesday we got to keep the sweet twins!

Carrson on left, Wyatt on right.
Saturday morning we had a basketball game to get ready for!
And these little cuties just wanted to take pictures!

The Lakers won their game!
Saturday Night we had Mexican and then had an Ice cream bar! Out of cookies, sprinkles, m&m's, and chocolate syrup all this little boy wanted was ice cream and chocolate syrup!
He was one happy boy though!

Brinley wanted  all the M&M's!!

Sunday we had the best lazy day I could of ever asked for. Washed all the bedding did a little cleaning and watched all the Nashville I could. haha I'm like obsessed with the show! If you haven't started it....RUN! Like I said before I'm watching it on SET TV an app on amazon fire stick. But I know all the season's are on HULU as well.
I got a bath and body works package in ..
I will have to say the BEST spring/summer scent is
Watermelon Lemonade
And this scent is only $12.95 right now online! These 3 wick candles are amazing! They will have your whole house smelling wonderful! They are perfect for gifting! Teachers, co-workers, and baby sitters they would be perfect!
I also got a little tube of lotion in the same scent and 5 small hand sanitizer's to keep in my car.
I love the Car Scentportables and went ahead and picked up 2! :)
Well that's just a bunch of randomness!
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Give me all the candles from Bath and Body! I always stock up when the sale makes them $10.