Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites #6

It's finally Friday!!
Which mean's sharing some favorite's throughout the week!
Linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share them all! 

Can't take this guy anywhere!! He dropped his fork with a piece of steak on the end in his lap the juices went flying all of his shirt. He was all like do you think anyone saw me?? I was like of course not who is watching us? Well one of the MANGERS of the restaurant came over with a glass of club soda and a napkin and said it gets any stain out! HA! then our waitress saw him scrubbing his shirt and was all like I have a TIDE Pen in my pocket! haha before long I am sure the whole place knew Cody dropped his fork with a piece of steak at the end! HAHA!

The end of my night was perfect with blowing out the candles with my people.
A night out is just what the soul needs sometimes. We went to Malone's and oh my gosh was it good. From the buffalo shrimp appetizer to the salad to the steak to my amazing pixie stix martini. I mean who goes to Malone's and don't get one of those??  If ya haven't try one!! they have the best ones!
My sweet boy got the good behavior reward during lunchtime on Friday and got to eat lunch on the stage with 1 friend! Are they not the sweetest thing ever??? :)

TWIN TIME! Me and Brin got to babysit these sweet boys one day this week and of course I took a million pictures to show them off to everyone!!
 I got these booties for my birthday and wore them yesterday and LOVED them! They are the perfect height and my feet were not killing me by the end of the night! They are very versatile and can go with a lot of outfits!
This whole boutique is amazing! Love all the pieces and FREE SHIPPING!
I was feeling all things spring this week and saw these sandals pop up on my Instagram and knew they would be on repeat this spring and summer!
I got the Tan in a size 6 and they fit perfect! If you do want a little more room I would order a size up.
So this boutique has a Store Front but I live too far away so I have ordered a few things from them and they ship for only $5!! I linked the Instagram page but the Boutique is called
Bella Marie Boutique
They have been posting some really cute springs items!
Well that's all friends! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We have some more birthday plans, basketball games and fun times ahead this weekend! :))


  1. Nothing is better than baby snuggles! Especially when they are so little.
    And sandals... I'm already on the lookout for a few new pairs because we are going to Jamaica in April.