Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites #5

It's finally Friday!!! :)
So I have been a little gone from blogging his week but of course I am back for my favorite's post and I go some GOOD ones today! SO hang tight and keep reading it's a long post FYI. :)

Linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share some favorites!!
So these first 4 favorites are from my recent amazon haul... I am a sucker for anything amazon prime and had a gift card so of course I had to shop all the things. I really wanted to try out these products for some time!

So I saw these on That Inspired Chick blog and decided to give them a try! and I LOVE them! Momma's HIGH WAISTED is the only way to go!!  I am only 5'3 so they were some what long on me but only have to roll them up a few times at the end but that didn't bother me.
 They do however have a capri version and I might try them next time!

So I already had a small wand but wanted a bigger one and I love this one! And it did not cost me an arm and a leg and of course amazon prime only way to go! :) I have used it twice and loved my curls! So if your looking for an affordable new 1- 1 /2 inch thick wand give this one a try you wont be disappointed!
I have heard a lot about these little clear bands and was very interested..  I have thick hair but I HATE using those thick hair ties cause they are so tight and it gives me a head ache half the time.. So I usually use the skinny black ones and of course they don't hold my hair that well... SO I ordered these and literally tried one Wednesday when I got them in the mail and of course LOVE them! holds my hair up no movement or falling down! and of course they are clear so you can't see them either! WIN- WIN if ya ask me! :))

The name of these is crazy long so just click the link above and it will take you straight to the site! :) guys these brushes were only $11.99!!!!! and ya know I am not a huge make up person really wish I was but I was not born with that talent at all so I will just do what I keep doing.. ya know clueless. haha however I can put on some eye shadow and loved these eye shadow brushes they were fluffy and very good quality! I am person who reads the reviews before buying anything these received 4.5 stars out of 5 in 1,526 PEOPLE!!  So people are raving bout these brushes and I am not a true believer!! Right after I was finished I called my sister in law and raved about them.. which led her to buying some.. :)
I am always a good influence.
Here is a picture of brushes after I received them! And it comes with a cheat sheet to help me know which brush can do what!

SNOW DAY this Monday and Wednesday! This boy woke up and wore his robe ALL day! and was SO cute doing it!
And this girl is of course so cute and happy most of the time... we are about to hit the two's and this girl I'm sure will give us a run for our money for sure!
Bought  these at Target over the weekend and they are sooo comfy! and so versatile to wear! I have a small foot.. size 5 or 6 SO.... I bought mine in the kids section at target for only $17.99!! But however they do have them in womens and look exactly the same for $24.99!
But look at these.....
GUYS..... the picture above is the Steve Madden brand at Macy's for $59.00!! save your self some money and head to target! promise they are comfy and look the EXACT same! :)
#YourWelcome :))
As if I don't already watch too much TV in the wee hours of the night I added another TV show... On Season One episode 14 or 15 now. And man is it addicting!! The story line keeps ya hooked for sure. We have the amazon Fire stick and have the app SET tv and it lets you watch all kinds of tv series and movies, its amazing!! and it has all the season's of this show so I can watch as many as I like a night.. it's temping me to not sleep....
#justkiding.... no I'm not... :)
I picked this up at Wal-Mart the other day strolling through the isles. I have some redness on the cheeks and jaw line on my face. Probably from all the years I never took care of my skin the way I should. So I was looking for some redness corrector. And I have used this all week and LOVE it! I have not shared anything on my blog that I don't love and really its amazing. All you do is put it on like normal foundation but do not use a lot just small dots!!! In he reviews it stated if you use too much it looks kind of orange. It is a lightweight formula so just a little is all you need to cover up the redness and it transform into a universal shade. I usually add a little powder and blush on top.
Here is how it describes it on the website:
          4 Beautifying Actions in 1                
                Neutralizes, Corrects, Hydrates, Perfects                
Transforms to Universal Shade                
Lightweight Formula  
Looking at our Fall pictures from last year just makes me tear up just a bit. Look at how little my babies where... This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my family.
Just look at how BIG they are now.. Such a proud Momma and Daddy we are.
Hold them extra tight cause they don't stay little long..

Well friends I shared A LOT today! and the computer is about to die.. Have an amazing weekend!




  1. The most dangerous thing in the world is me with a curling wand. It's not a good combo! I wish I could work with one but it's just impossible!

  2. I have watched a BUNCH of video's of how-to's and finally got the technique down! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Stephanie! :)