Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites #4

It's FRI-YAY guys!! Linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites again!
So lets get this going!
Guys I finished The woman in cabin 10 and it was sooo good! This book is about a women that is a journalist and goes on a cruise ship for a work thing and ends up seeing a women in cabin 10 the cabin right next to hers. She hears a scream and a loud splash one night but everyone says there wasn't a women in cabin 10?? It starts so slow I think but after you hit the half way mark its a non stop you have to read to find out what happens next!!

Morning's with this girl never get old. She was doing her make up for the day right next to me. :) She is such a joy to watch an grow each and every day.

Guys I am not a beauty person at all. I would LOVE to be able to do my make up but I use this stuff, a little powder, Mascara, and blush takes about 5 minutes. But I LOVE this stuff. Coming from a mom that is sometimes up all night this stuff is the best drugstore under eye concealer I have ever had! Covers up my under eye bags so well!
Skincare. So I read a lot of blogs and I have saw this Tula skin facial cleanser for awhile. I recently bought it and have LOVED it! So far I am 2 weeks in and am loving what it's doing for my skin. I have very dry skin! and they also have this...
loving this from day 1. This Hydrating Day and Night cream makes my skin so soft and gives it the moisture it needs.
Well y'all that's my random mess of Friday Favorites!! This weekend we have basketball game and a Super Bowl party to go to! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!
DONT FORGET.. This is Us is coming on after the Super Bowl guys set your DVR for an extension in case the game goes over time! THIS IS THE EPISODE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!
okay now that is all. :)


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