Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Hello Friends I'm linking up for the first time for a What's Up Wednesday post and I'm soo excited!! I love reading these they answer so many questions so just hang tight and read on! And guess what it's hump day your work week is almost over!! :)
Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel.

And these are all the questions that I will answer!
What we're Eating this week::
We usually are horrible at meal planning but this week I made a plan on Sunday Night.. we will see if we actually eat everything that we planned or one night we fall off the wagon and get mcdonalds...
Monday: Hamburgers or hot dogs, French Fries or Chips and fruit
Tuesday: Steak and Baked potatoes and a vegetable
Wednesday: Lasagna garlic bread and salad
Thursday: Grilled Chicken and sides
Friday: Pizza!
What I'm reminiscing about::
Since Hunter's birthday was this past weekend I have been reminiscing on all his past birthdays crazy how time flies! This was from last year it crazy how different a year can make!

What I'm loving::
 Loving that we are having a normal week here! No sickness or snow days!
What We've been up to::
Not a lot of anything basketball and hanging out on the weekends!

Hunter got these Mario decal stickers for his wall and he put them up all by himself on Sunday!
What I'm dreading::
 cleaning out the toy room... :( Y'all it's so bad!! I need to go through and donate a lot of toys, throw away the ones that are broken or pieces missing!
What I'm working on::
Homework, homework, and more homework.... I am really enjoying this math class which I was really scared of at first. So here goes my first month down of college!
What I'm excited about::
My recent Costco haul! When I go I stock up on certain things. I got meat for weeks, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, and how can I forget the 36 pack of fresh chocholate chip cookies for only $7.99. They are everything guys.
What I'm watching/reading::
Watching: everything guys. I have so many shows I watch during the weeks. But recently just started The Resident on FOX on Monday nights. It's on episode 3 and its so good!
THIS IS US comes on after the Super Bowl on Sunday and it is what we have been waiting for all season!! I can not WAIT!
It really has been a change to what all I read in December but it's been good so far! But I do have a long list ready for after I finish it!
What I'm listening to::
We have been jamming out the Kid's Pandora Radio in the car. Hunter is obsessed with all the songs from all his favorite movies Trolls, Moana, Minions, and Home. It also plays a lot of just up beat songs. I am loving all the Thomas Rhett, and Chris Stapleton, anything country I'm all about it.
What I'm wearing::
A lot of yoga pants, leggings, sneakers, t shirts, and my favorite North Face jacket. I have been eyeing these leggings and cow neck sweatshirt for weeks they are still in my cart just need to check out.. haha anyone else do that? Add things to your cart and just never check out? It's like I have to think about it for a week to make sure I really need it. Which 99% of the time I just do.
I can't ever say no to leggings....

What I'm doing this weekend::
 We have a basketball game on Saturday and probably hanging out that night and I know we are going to a Super Bowl party on Sunday!
What I'm looking forward to next month::
My 26th Birthday!!

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  1. I tackled C's playroom and let me tell you... it was painful! I ended up bagging up 3 bags to donate and 1 bag to trash. I thought he was going to lose his mind but he hasn't noticed so.. so far so good.