Sunday, January 7, 2018

Recap of 2017!

2017. Shew it was a long year for us as a family. We had some really great times and some really crappy times. Here's my recap of 2017!

In January my sweet first born turned 5!!
Hunter loved his super hero's last year so we of course had a Super man, Hulk, Spider man, and Iron man birthday party! Can't believe in a few short weeks he will be 6!! blows my MIND!
February 2017

February was ROUGH! My birthday is on the 15th but instead of doing something for that my husband was going into surgery that day. Needless to day February 21st we found out my husband had Stage 3 advanced testicular cancer. He underwent 4 cycles of Chemo and ended his last chemo on May2017.
March 2017
 Cody began treatment and has such a GREAT outlook on everything. He continued to stay positive during the whole process. But march we did a lot of chemo, playing candy crush on the Ipad, and playing rummy.
Cody's First Chemo Treatment March 13th, 2017

End of March Cody's hair was officially falling out, so he let hunter shave it all off.

April- This precious girl turned ONE!!
See told ya he was was one tough guy 😊😊
May was packed with some FUN times!
 Had a mother's day tea at Hunter's Preschool
 Had a wonderful Mother's Day with my sweet kiddos!
 Mother's Day 2017!
 Hunter Graduated Preschool! He had the BEST teachers ever! and people i can call my friends for life! :)
 We had 1 HAPPY and excited boy!
 Hunter had his first Ale-8! Must be a Ky thing!
 We had our annual Memorial Day cook Out!
The Girls at the Cook out!
June 2017 -- We wrapped up our first season of T-ball! Hunter loved it!!

AND we found out CODY was officially Cancer free and no SURGERY!
Best news we have ever heard!!
July 2017
 We celebrated Cody's Birthday at French Lick with Family!

 Then of Course July 4th we had a cookout!

 Had a little family get a way before cody had to return back to work full time!

  August 2017
This big boy started Kindergarten!!! 

September 2017
 We did what we do best we went to all the fall festivals around!!

 Pumpkin Patch!

went to our first Louisville football game!
October 2017
 Wedding season hit us hard in October but we loved every minute of it!!

 Hunter of course was MARIO for Halloween!

 The weather was perfect in October so we went to the park a lot!

 Of course carved some pumpkins!
 Out little Kitty cat and Mario!

November 2017
 we went to this awesome polar express train ride!!

 We may have put up our tree before thanksgiving... :)
 We had a great thanksgiving day!
 We had our first movie date night with our best friends Georgia and Jill!
December 2017
December was HUGE!!

Jingle the Elf returned for the month of December!

 We did the Christmas parade!
My sister in law Kelsey was pregnant with twins!! and in this picture due in like a week!

 December 19th 2017 my twin nephews were born!!!!
Carrson James and Wyatt Jay are sweetest boys you will ever see!
 Christmas 2017 was a huge hit!

 Of course we snuggled with the twins more! :)

And that's a wrap 2017. Here's to 2018 can't wait to see what it has in store for us!! :)

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