Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Random Talk...

Snow, Snow, Snow.... I remember when I was in school and ya know snow days were awesome!! but Hunter week's so far has consisted of.. Monday- MLK day, Tuesday Snow day, Wednesday- Snow day. If I had to bet Thursday will be a Snow day too. Such lucky little people. And of course if they do have school on Friday...getting him up and going will be the death of me!  😨

But for now look at how cute this little snow bunny is..( Plus our dog Sadie)

Hunter and his aunt Mel being pulled behind the four wheeler the only way we sled around here cause we have 0 hills!! :) But the faster the better right??

Then we got Brin Brin here. Her poor hair is getting so long in the front and a front pony is the only option to keep it out of her eyes! She hates bows, clips, anything in he hair that she can pull out she ain't having it! So this front pony will be around for a while. ;)
So now onto other talk...
I have finished my recent book! and OMG it was sooo good! I will be doing another book review and it will include The Women in Cabin 10 along with it. It's such a  good thriller!
Tuesday night TV is the best!! 1.) The Challenge on MTV 2.) This is Us 3.) Fixer Upper
O.M.G. love my tv shows, love the drama, love all the shows. haha
So today I believe I am going to organize the linen closet for the kids and the board game closet. That's what I get excited about now people. But to be honest I'm caught up with my homework and these snow days are giving me all the nesting and organize feels. Kinda wish it would give me the work out and meal plan feels but lets me honest that will never happen. haha #adultproblems
Well guys I think this post is random enough about snow, TV talk, and my boring Wednesday plans! See you guys back soon! I am in the works of a few review posts on items I have recently ordered so stay tuned!
Happy Wednesday friends!

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