Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year. New You. Here's to 2018!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow. I can not believe it is already 2018! I feel like 2017 just flew by. ( I think everyone says that right?) But really 2017 was a very hard and long year for myself and my family, and to think its all behind us now feels really good. First I want to introduce myself!

My Name is Steph. I'm a twenty-something year old wife to Cody. Together we have two children. Hunter and Brinley. I was born and raised in a small town called Cynthiana, Ky. I am not a big city person at all. Lexington.KY is only 45 minutes from my town but the population is around 400,000 and that's like 390,000 way too many! So needless to say ill stick with my small town,  never crowded, a few street lights oh and the population is like almost 7,000. More my style for sure! :)  I work as a part time Dental assistant at a local dentist office. But I have recently started going back to school for Nursing! I feel like I have always wanted to do nursing and yes the whole going back to school does scare me in my later 20's but I'm ready for the challenge! So I'm sure you will see many posts on #momlife as well as #collegelife.

 I do enjoy to go shopping, playing with my kids, date nights with my husband, decorating my house, and the list goes on and on. I am constantly wanting to upgrade or change something in my house. Anyone else like this? I'm dreaming and visioning my perfect farmhouse that Joanna Gaines has yet to deliver to me. (like why can't I live in Waco, TX and why can't she just come here and decorate my whole house?) I have recently started going to peddlers mall and antiques shops and found some gems for sure!! I will post more about some of my findings along the blog journey.

Well Guy's I'm sure I will get into a lot more about me on this blog but for now I'm going to wish everyone a Happy New Year and good luck to everyone getting up their kids for school tomorrow!

** Oh and I just started this blog yesterday so bare with me as I am still getting everything together!**


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