Monday, January 22, 2018

Valentine's Day gift guide plus..weekend recap

Valentines Day will be here before you know it guys!! I am going to share a few ideas I have seen from all different price points for your man in your life!
 This pullover looks amazing at $99.00 it is pricy for an valentines present but I think any man would love to have this and get many wears out of it!
I linked this to Nordstorm which has free shipping and free returns!! Always a must when shopping!
 If you have a man that loves to play golf than this is PERFECT! This polo comes in 5 different colors and it is 50% off right now for only$27.49!! That's an amazing price point for this shirt!!
My husband does have one of these and they at amazing! We recently just gifted one to my mom for Christmas. It is a Bluetooth speaker you can connect to your phone and play music it is so loud and so clear. Linked this to amazon only $29.99 and on amazon PRIME! Free 2 day shipping!!
Of course Cologne is always on the top of people's list for valentine's day! Of course its pricy but last's a long time!! I found this one on Nordstorm! Free shipping and Free returns people!!
Of course there are so many ideas out there!! There are also a lot of DIY projects that would only cost about twenty dollars to throw together! Here are a few I have found on Pintrest that look super easy and cute!

There's a few ideas I have came up with this year!
And even if you don't give gifts and just have a nice dinner together anything works just make sure you make time for each other! Any of these gifts would be perfect for a Birthday gift as well! :)
Small weekend recap...
Saturday Hunter had his first basketball game of the season 2018!
We are on the Lakers again this year with one of his best friends Daniel!

See #4 out there!! :))


How cute are they? I ran out Sunday evening to get some dinner and Cody sent this to me.

Happy Monday Friends!!

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