Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites #3

It's FRIDAY friends and it's time for another Friday Favorites!!
 Grab ya some coffee and start reading I'm linking up with 


My sweet Nephews.
Y'all they. are. so. CUTE.
 These little boys will make my Friday Favorites every WEEK.
They are so so sweet and Brinley is obsessed!!!


Guys this boutique I have been obsessed with lately!
Just ordered a few things can't wait till they come in!
  This shirt looks so comfy and will look great with leggings or jeans!

 This is such an adorable boho type top! Love this!!
Also got a pair of the cutest booties!! I'll give a full review when i get everything in but this boutique has so many cute things and FREE SHIPPING!! I have got many dresses and things from this site all true to size!

Guys. Cody got me this as an early birthday present this past weekend. I have wore it EVERYDAY! I'm obsessed!! It is so so warm and I love this cream color it matches everything! I linked it to Dick's website where we got it at!

Thursday Night T.V.
Y'all know I love my TV shows but Thursday night is the BEST!
Thursday night starts at 8:00 more like 9:00-9:30 for me once i get the kids to bed! Grey's is so good! Been watching this show since i was in middle school with my mom. I have watched all season's and still love this show. But nothing has been the same since the gang was together.
oh and how can i forget McDreamy? 
Anyway if you haven't started the show start it now!!!   

Next up is Scandal...
I binged watched this show on Netflix and it is so GOOD! At first it wasn't something i thought i would like. But after you start it's one you never want to stop! And this last season is just getting really good!!
How to get away with murder. 
This show you have to watch every episode and can not miss one second it has a lot of flashbacks in the first few episodes and its hard to follow but i promise keep watching you will end up loving it! 


Inspirational quotes


Hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! We have a big 6th birthday party for my boy, basketball, and a lot of family time on the agenda what are you doing?



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