Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites #1

If you follow some of my favorite bloggers Andrea, Erika, and Narci then you are familiar with this Link up Friday Favorites!! I can't wait to start linking up and sharing some of my favorites this could be from beauty products, things going on in life, kid stuff the list is endless you can share!
So here goes nothing...
My classes started on Monday. I'm taking 3 classes this semester all online and so far its going good! Ha of course I'm only 4 days in! I am really excited to just finish and get my degree over everything! My goal is to be on top on these classes and finish this semester strong!
Had a great date night with this guy! Our "plan" was to go to the movie and dinner. We arrived at the movie for a 3:45 showing.. like who goes to the movies that early anyway.. umm HELLO EVERYONE does cause the movie we wanted to see was sold out and every other movie we tried was too. lol epic fail to the movies. But we hit up my favorite spot Target and then went to outback!
 These sweet kiddos went to their Nana's house while we went out! Both had to pack a backpack full of toys they just can't leave the house without.

I have finally went through all of Brinley's clothes from newborn-18 months and have kept the ones I wanted and packed up all the ones that I'm ready to sell/ get rid of. Felt so accomplished when I finished this project. By the way if your local I'm going to make some sort of Instagram page or something and try to sell al the shoes, bows, and boutique outfits. If interested in anything please e-mail me ( I have literally like 8 or 9 bags full of clothes!!


I have been asking Cody forever that I really wanted a shelf in our laundry room. And Ta-Da he made it happen!
There's a before and after for ya! I love it! On the other wall I have a sink and would love to put up some type of shelf/rack that I can hang clothes on... I also wanted to either shiplap or do some cool pattern wall paper to really change the look of this room.. we will get to that eventually. Next on his project list to make shelves for the pantry. We have those white wire ones now and I really want to do some wooden ones to change the look of the room and give some support for all the crap in there! whenever that happens ill show a before and after as well!
That's all for my favorites this week! Here's a few favorite pics I took lately...
 Sassy as they come.


Daddy+video games= one happy and silly Hunter.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Weather channels say we may have some snow soon so you will find my kids looking out the windows waiting....

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