Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review #1

So growing up you would never find me reading a book. But as I get older I have been reaching for  different books every week! I read one book in literally 2 days. There is something about reading a book when the kids are asleep that just makes me relax. ( momma's out there TRY IT! ) So here's some of my latest books I have read and one I am currently reading now! :) enjoy!
The Break Down

Such an awesome book! This book will keep you guessing from the beginning! It's about this girl that on her way home she witnessed a car broken down, she pulled over thinking about helping them, but it was pouring the rain and she needed to get home. The next morning she finds out someone died on that same road in that same car she pulled over to help! Who killed the person in he car? Why didn't she stop to help them? so so many questions you will be guessing the whole book!

Next up is..
 This is definitely a thriller that same as above will keep you guessing! This book starts out with a couple that just had a young baby, they go next door to a dinner party and leave the baby at home but bring the monitor with them and they check on her every 30 minutes. But after they get home for the night something horrible has happened. The truth is so complicated and twisted you would next guess what actually happened and how it happened!!
This is definitely a book for young readers but after I heard so many good things about it I knew I wanted to read it. It's one of those feel good happy ending books. As a parent I really appreciated this book. It is told in many different people's views as well as August (Auggie) the main character's. A 10 year old boy who seem very normal and he is but also has some  facial anomalies. He has been homeschooled his whole life and just starts 5th grade in a public school. It tells the many challenges that he faces. After reading the book I feel like I must watch the movie now! Which I love Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts so its already a win movie for me! :)  
Shew literally 3 books in less than 3 weeks. As a non-reader I just give myself a pat on the back.
I just started
I have just started but heard awesome things about this book!
So go ahead and grab ya a book and get to reading!! :)

Can't promise ya that I will keep up this reading habit, but I hope so!!

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