Saturday, January 13, 2018

10 Random facts about ME!

So I wasn't planning on posting today but we are currently snowed in here in Cynthiana and today is a perfect day to grab some coffee and cuddle on the couch watch movies, read blogs, most importantly relax!

These post's are probably one of my favorites to read on others blogs. I don't know maybe cause I'm really nosey who knows. But here it goes 10 random facts about me..

1.) I have 1 tattoo. Its on the back of my neck. I can pretty much always cover it up, which I like. I got it after I had my first child at 20 years old. Don't ask what it stands or means about just one of those things you wanna do right?

2.) I have a real serious phobia about mice. It's a serious problem. I can't see pictures of them, hear them, touch them, I can barley talk about them. It just literally give's me goose bumps thinking about them. I have 2 terrifying stories about them so I have my reasons as to why I have this!

3.) I hate cooking. Okay maybe hate is a strong word. I think it's just to time consuming. I am all about some take out, or something really really easy.. hamburgers and hot dogs with French fries? and I only say that because my husband does all the grilling.. I could not even turn on the grill if you asked me to. So in that menu I would only be making the French fries which thanks to my Air fryer would take me about 10 seconds to throw them in there and hit a start button. Now baking on the other hand I can do. But who does not love some brownies? so this leads me to #4..f

4.) I could easily live off of chocolate. Give me all the Reeses, brownies, cookies, cake, ice cream and cupcakes and I would be full. I am all about some dessert.

5.) I am not a big city person at all. ( This was on my first blog post but hey its a random fact. ) My best friend jokes all the time that I need to get out more, but I am not good with directions at all! Like I GPS everything!! some local people would probably laugh but I can get to like 2 places in Lexington other than that I am LOST! its pretty bad... I have only used a parking meter thing once.. and I had to call my best friend to ask how it worked. ( Like why do they need your license plate number?? )

6.)  I like al kinds of music. My love is country. But I can easily jam to hip hop, rap, alternative, rock, oldies... I can not do classical, but that's really about it!

7.) The first time I ever colored my hair I was 25 years old.

8.) I can not, will not watch a scary movie. I'm a scaredy cat to the max. I believe that girl in the Ring is alive in my TV, or there is a clown out there with a red balloon that will call me home. Ya know? I'm that person....

9.) I am a TV series junkie. You name it I have probably watched all the seasons and probably in a few weeks. Some of my favorites are, This is Us, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, River dale, Heart of Dixie, One Tree hill, Greys anatomy, Scandal, How to get away with murder, The walking dead, Fixer Upper.. just to name a few favorites.. haha I could go on and on...

10.) I could watch the same movies over and over. My husband is like one and done except ( The day after tomorrow.. I feel like every time it is on TV he will watch it every time. ) So weird. Some movies I can watch over and over and can recite word for word.. How to lose a guy in 10 days, 27 Dresses, Tommy Boy, Fools Gold, Failure to Launch, and Twilight series.

Well that's a wrap 10 really random things about me. Enjoy the snow if ya got any! ;)

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