Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Hello Friends I'm linking up for the first time for a What's Up Wednesday post and I'm soo excited!! I love reading these they answer so many questions so just hang tight and read on! And guess what it's hump day your work week is almost over!! :)
Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel.

And these are all the questions that I will answer!
What we're Eating this week::
We usually are horrible at meal planning but this week I made a plan on Sunday Night.. we will see if we actually eat everything that we planned or one night we fall off the wagon and get mcdonalds...
Monday: Hamburgers or hot dogs, French Fries or Chips and fruit
Tuesday: Steak and Baked potatoes and a vegetable
Wednesday: Lasagna garlic bread and salad
Thursday: Grilled Chicken and sides
Friday: Pizza!
What I'm reminiscing about::
Since Hunter's birthday was this past weekend I have been reminiscing on all his past birthdays crazy how time flies! This was from last year it crazy how different a year can make!

What I'm loving::
 Loving that we are having a normal week here! No sickness or snow days!
What We've been up to::
Not a lot of anything basketball and hanging out on the weekends!

Hunter got these Mario decal stickers for his wall and he put them up all by himself on Sunday!
What I'm dreading::
 cleaning out the toy room... :( Y'all it's so bad!! I need to go through and donate a lot of toys, throw away the ones that are broken or pieces missing!
What I'm working on::
Homework, homework, and more homework.... I am really enjoying this math class which I was really scared of at first. So here goes my first month down of college!
What I'm excited about::
My recent Costco haul! When I go I stock up on certain things. I got meat for weeks, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, and how can I forget the 36 pack of fresh chocholate chip cookies for only $7.99. They are everything guys.
What I'm watching/reading::
Watching: everything guys. I have so many shows I watch during the weeks. But recently just started The Resident on FOX on Monday nights. It's on episode 3 and its so good!
THIS IS US comes on after the Super Bowl on Sunday and it is what we have been waiting for all season!! I can not WAIT!
It really has been a change to what all I read in December but it's been good so far! But I do have a long list ready for after I finish it!
What I'm listening to::
We have been jamming out the Kid's Pandora Radio in the car. Hunter is obsessed with all the songs from all his favorite movies Trolls, Moana, Minions, and Home. It also plays a lot of just up beat songs. I am loving all the Thomas Rhett, and Chris Stapleton, anything country I'm all about it.
What I'm wearing::
A lot of yoga pants, leggings, sneakers, t shirts, and my favorite North Face jacket. I have been eyeing these leggings and cow neck sweatshirt for weeks they are still in my cart just need to check out.. haha anyone else do that? Add things to your cart and just never check out? It's like I have to think about it for a week to make sure I really need it. Which 99% of the time I just do.
I can't ever say no to leggings....

What I'm doing this weekend::
 We have a basketball game on Saturday and probably hanging out that night and I know we are going to a Super Bowl party on Sunday!
What I'm looking forward to next month::
My 26th Birthday!!

Monday, January 29, 2018


My first born is SIX. Is that even possible??
We had a Mario party on Saturday and "It was Awesome" words from Hunter himself. :)

Hunter on our way to his party!!
Check out that hair spike! Looks so much older!!
We had his party at a local place HCA- Harricyn Athletics it is amazing for parties! This was our second year using them and it was good! We used building B and had basketball goals, rock wall, monkey bars, tons of dodge balls, kick balls, had Kid's Pandora radio on the whole time it was so good!

Us and Mario :)

I went easy this year and did Pizza, Cupcakes, and Ice cream. I had a friend make the cupcakes which were delicious!! ( Thanks Jericha ) and I bought these Mario and Luigi rings off of Amazon and put them right on top! so so so easy!

 Here is the BIG six year old!
 And this little ONE year old. :) Soon to be two in April.
One of hunter's friends got him a UNO Mario game we have played and played this game so much fun!!

 Hunter's Birthday was perfect THANK YOU to everyone who came and celebrated my sweet boy!!

working backwards here... this was Friday night with the family!

 Overall we had a great weekend. Hope you guys did too! :)
Happy Monday friends!



Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites #3

It's FRIDAY friends and it's time for another Friday Favorites!!
 Grab ya some coffee and start reading I'm linking up with 


My sweet Nephews.
Y'all they. are. so. CUTE.
 These little boys will make my Friday Favorites every WEEK.
They are so so sweet and Brinley is obsessed!!!


Guys this boutique I have been obsessed with lately!
Just ordered a few things can't wait till they come in!
  This shirt looks so comfy and will look great with leggings or jeans!

 This is such an adorable boho type top! Love this!!
Also got a pair of the cutest booties!! I'll give a full review when i get everything in but this boutique has so many cute things and FREE SHIPPING!! I have got many dresses and things from this site all true to size!

Guys. Cody got me this as an early birthday present this past weekend. I have wore it EVERYDAY! I'm obsessed!! It is so so warm and I love this cream color it matches everything! I linked it to Dick's website where we got it at!

Thursday Night T.V.
Y'all know I love my TV shows but Thursday night is the BEST!
Thursday night starts at 8:00 more like 9:00-9:30 for me once i get the kids to bed! Grey's is so good! Been watching this show since i was in middle school with my mom. I have watched all season's and still love this show. But nothing has been the same since the gang was together.
oh and how can i forget McDreamy? 
Anyway if you haven't started the show start it now!!!   

Next up is Scandal...
I binged watched this show on Netflix and it is so GOOD! At first it wasn't something i thought i would like. But after you start it's one you never want to stop! And this last season is just getting really good!!
How to get away with murder. 
This show you have to watch every episode and can not miss one second it has a lot of flashbacks in the first few episodes and its hard to follow but i promise keep watching you will end up loving it! 


Inspirational quotes


Hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! We have a big 6th birthday party for my boy, basketball, and a lot of family time on the agenda what are you doing?



Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Three things right now...

So I have been searching around on things to write about.. and this topic sounded so much fun!
Three Things about each family member. Could be ANYTHING about them.

Hunter Lee

1.) This super fun loving boy will be 6 on Saturday! We are planning a Mario birthday party and he is soo excited! Even told my mom that if she doesn't bring a Mario present she can't come. 😜 Kids says the darndest thing right?
2.) Hunter started his 2nd season of basketball this past Saturday. I mean it still is called basketball if there are 10 little 4-7 year old kids running back and forth on the court looking around for their color wrist band to guard? I mean it is the cutest/funniest thing ever to watch! But he did shoot his 2 free throws and made them at the end! Either way he is excited to play! Oh and they got real jersey's this year and hunter wore his the WHOLE day and SLEPT in it that night!! He is obsessed to say the least!! 
Yep totally slept in this.
3.) Hunter started Kindergarten this year and as much as he is loving meeting new friends and seeing them everyday the school work is not something Hunter want's to do. It's like pulling teeth to get him to do homework. He even said after all these snow days lately that he would "fake sick" so he won't have to go. Needless to say he has went everyday.. Momma know's a sick kid and he has not been sick!!

 Brinley Lou

1.) Oh Brinley is one SASSY girl. She needs to have her "purse" full of all these randoms things she needs. Make-up brush, blush, Minnie mouse, goofy, flashlight, and some random items that she finds on a day to day basis.
Can you just see the "Diva" in this one?

2.) Brinley is loving her twin baby cousins! Aunt Kelsey got to watch her yesterday and she was all about those little guys! Kelsey said she was comparing her feet to their tiny feet and touching their little cheeks. I CAN NOT wait till they grow up to see them play together!
3.) Brinley is such a big helper these days! If it's close to bedtime and she needs to find her paci that Myself, Cody and Hunter could look for forever we ask her and its like she remembers exactly where she laid it down! Inside the little tent in our play room, under the window seal in our kitchen, in her purse she knows where to go and get it! But this goes for anything, her cup, a remote, our cell phones if you ever need anything you can ask Brinley and she will be on a mission to find that item! :) 

One of my all time favorite pictures of my babies. 
All pictures taken by the ever so talented Pam Hubbard. :)

Cody & Steph
 1.) Cody has been working of course and dreaming of sunny days with a lot and a lot of golf involved! He will be rooting for the Patriots at Superbowl this year of course!
2.) Myself started 3 online classes this semester and they have been doing actually really well! I am trying to stay on top and even beyond on my homework but I feel so determined to get through the next 3 years and just think that all my hard work has paid off after i have graduate.
3.) We both are dreaming of a vacation in July somewhere with a BEACH please! :)

Well that's my Three things post hope you stuck through the whole post!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll have a few more posts this week!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Valentine's Day gift guide plus..weekend recap

Valentines Day will be here before you know it guys!! I am going to share a few ideas I have seen from all different price points for your man in your life!
 This pullover looks amazing at $99.00 it is pricy for an valentines present but I think any man would love to have this and get many wears out of it!
I linked this to Nordstorm which has free shipping and free returns!! Always a must when shopping!
 If you have a man that loves to play golf than this is PERFECT! This polo comes in 5 different colors and it is 50% off right now for only$27.49!! That's an amazing price point for this shirt!!
My husband does have one of these and they at amazing! We recently just gifted one to my mom for Christmas. It is a Bluetooth speaker you can connect to your phone and play music it is so loud and so clear. Linked this to amazon only $29.99 and on amazon PRIME! Free 2 day shipping!!
Of course Cologne is always on the top of people's list for valentine's day! Of course its pricy but last's a long time!! I found this one on Nordstorm! Free shipping and Free returns people!!
Of course there are so many ideas out there!! There are also a lot of DIY projects that would only cost about twenty dollars to throw together! Here are a few I have found on Pintrest that look super easy and cute!

There's a few ideas I have came up with this year!
And even if you don't give gifts and just have a nice dinner together anything works just make sure you make time for each other! Any of these gifts would be perfect for a Birthday gift as well! :)
Small weekend recap...
Saturday Hunter had his first basketball game of the season 2018!
We are on the Lakers again this year with one of his best friends Daniel!

See #4 out there!! :))


How cute are they? I ran out Sunday evening to get some dinner and Cody sent this to me.

Happy Monday Friends!!